The Environment

Dynamite products help plants grow and are kind to the environment

Many strides have been made by the lawn and garden industry to be more conscious of our natural environment. And Dynamite Plant Food has been a leader in green, sustainable gardening practices since 1990.

Black Gold Envirosafe sells only products that grow and nourish thriving plants. We are partners with millions of home gardeners who make the choice to use Dynamite for the best results with the least effort and least impact on our environment. Choose Dynamite Complete Plant Food for your flowers, vegetables, shrubs and trees. It’s a smart choice that does not sacrifice performance while being environmentally sustainable.

Preventing Runoff

Dynamite Plant Food’s patented coating technology is what minimizes the possibility of nutrient run off that often occurs with fertilizers and plant foods. The coating maintains integrity under periods of environmental stress and will not allow nutrients to ‘flash out’ or dump during high temperatures or heavy rain. This prevents the release of more fertilizer than the plant can absorb at any one time. Other granular or time release fertilizers allow heat and heavy rain to cause nutrients to run off into the groundwater.

Nitrogen source does makes a difference

Our advanced controlled release system delivers nutrients to your plants when they need them. This allows maximum uptake of nutrients to the plant while minimizing excess run off of nutrients into ground water.

Dynamite Complete Plant Food contains ammoniacal and nitrate nitrogen rather than cheaper urea nitrogen. A large majority of plants cannot absorb urea nitrogen until it is first broken down into ammoniacal and nitrate nitrogen forms. This is called the nitrification cycle and takes time for the urea to break down in the soil and become available to the plant roots. During periods of heavy rainfall, urea fertilizers is not absorbed by plants and is leached into the groundwater contributing to groundwater pollution. Environmentally friendly Dynamite Complete Plant Food is the preferable choice for homeowners over urea-based fertilizers and plant foods.

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