About Us

Dynamite Complete Plant Food was first introduced to the retail garden market in 1990. But the technology behind the patented, controlled-release fertilizer began much earlier in Japan as way to provide controlled-release nutrition in rice fields. Rice grows in standing water so proper fertilization was extremely difficult. The product was designed to release nutrients based on both moisture and temperature criteria and was a huge success. Here in the United States, this same patented controlled-release fertilizer technology is used extensively by commercial nursery growers. For the home garden customer, the product has been developed with many separate formulas for specific types of plants. Dynamite fertilizer products provide basic plant nutrition plus important micronutrients for amazing performance and results.

In 2009 Black Gold Envirosafe, Inc. acquired the worldwide marketing and distribution rights to the entire Dynamite consumer plant food line. The corporate headquarters, packaging and warehouse facilities for Dynamite plant food are located in Oxford, Florida.

Black Gold Envirosafe is the sister company of Black Gold Compost Company, makers of famous Black Kow® composted cow manure. Through a coordinated system of distribution and transportation, products from both companies are available to home gardeners in over 23 states at over 2000 retail locations. The Black Gold companies are committed to providing environmentally-friendly products that are safe for plants and safe for the planet. We welcome your questions and comments. Please email us at: info@DynamitePlantFood.com

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